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We love to work in all sectors of the food service industry, whether it be pizza, steak, Chinese dumplings or Korean barbecue.

Due Diligence

Assessing An Investment in the China Hot Pot Sector

Deep Dives

Assessing the Market for Western Fine Foods in Asia Pacific

Market Entry

Korean Restaurant in Beijing

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Japanese Cuisine – It’s Not All Sushi!

It is hard to believe but raw fish is now a mainstream food in most global cities today.  Sushi counters have popped up in most large supermarkets in America usually operated by Koreans or Vietnamese immigrants. Conveyer belt sushi is extremely popular in London, Seoul, Hong Kong and Singapore.  Even Pret A Manger offers take-away […]

Vietnam – Ready For Lift-Off Again?

I came across a recent post on bloomberg.com about a new economic lift-off for Vietnam.  Vietnam was a fast growing economy for many years but economic mismanagement by the government reduced the growth rate to the 5-6% level recently and led to a loss in consumer and investor confidence. Foreign investment is pouring in again […]

Our Expertise

Full Market Entry

We provide full market entry support in China and key Asia Pacific markets, specifically to companies in the hospitality and franchising industry. We will do everything from Business Plan development to opening the doors of company-owned restaurants as well as introducing strategic partners. Offices in Hong Kong, Sydney, Ho Chi Minh City, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Mumbai and Los Angeles.

Stategic Audits

We will perform strategic audits of existing market positions and recommend corrective strategies and action plans, such as developing a new or revised strategic business plan, evaluating supply chain inefficiencies, recommending new strategic partners and making refinements to existing concepts already operating in the market.

Recent Press

The Power of Design

All of us have always been influenced by great design, whether for apparel, electronic goods, cosmetics or cars. We love the Apple Store, the Google home page, the Vespa scooter, and IKEA furniture, because of their minimalist design. We stop by shops walking down the street because something cool catches our eye whether it’s the shop design, the product merchandising or the catchy logo. However, several recent experiences have reinforced in my mind the growing importance of design in the overall customer experience. We can no longer avoid great design if we want to continue to manage and operate a growing business today.

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